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Fun Bookish Gifts
by the Biblioguides Team
Here are some fun gift ideas for the book lovers in your life—for those times when you'd rather give a gift that isn't a book or you aren't sure which book to get.

A Framework for Purposeful Reading
by Deanna Knoll
Would you like to be more purposeful in your reading this year? A brand new year provides the perfect opportunity to set goals for reading. Reading plans, charts, challenges and recommendations from your favorite website or blog provide many suggestions for setting such goals, but with so many good choices to narrow down, where do you start?

Thrift Store Shopping Without Leaving Your House
by Deanna Knoll
Do you live in a book desert with no used book stores or thrift shops to browse? Or maybe you have several small children and desperately want to stock your library with beautiful living books but the idea of toting them through Goodwill seems too daunting to be worth the possible benefit. Here are several ways you can be equally successful shopping online as you might have been if you stumbled across a Half Price Books clearance sale!

Reading the Classics
by Deanna Knoll
Because of the universal appeal and cultural relevance of classics, publishers have often produced modified versions in an effort to present these exceptional stories to a wider audience. Many different terms are used to describe the various ways that publishers modify books and it can be confusing to understand the differences. This article focuses on defining those terms so you can be informed about your various options when it comes to reading the classics and make the best decision for yourself and your children.

Introduce your Family to Shakespeare with Retellings
by Deanna Knoll
It is the rare reader who is able to decipher any Shakespeare play on the first reading. It can be very helpful to gain a better understanding of the plot’s twists and turns by reading a retelling of the play before attempting to read the actual play itself. Each author reviewed in this article retells Shakespeare’s plays in a different style and chooses to highlight and interpret his words in different ways.