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Recommended Book Reviews

These bloggers and organizations write helpful book reviews that include information that we think is valuable when making decisions about which books are right for your family. Click on a reviewer below to see the books on Biblioguides that they've reviewed.


Erika Alicea is a firm believer in a multicultural education for all children through the use of diverse, living books. As a Biblioguides Partner Guide all of her book recommendations are available for members to search on Biblioguides. She also writes reviews of some of the books that she recommends.

Common Sense Media provides book reviews for many modern books. They include information about educational value, positive messages and role models, diverse representation, violence, language, sex/romance/nudity, and drinking/smoking/drugs.

Jenny Phillips has spent many years reviewing all genres of literature to bring you her top book recommendations for children and teens.

Good Book Mom was started in 2019 by Korrie Johnson. The mission of Good Book Mom is to help you find books that you and the children (0-12) in your life will love, filtering everything through a Biblical Christian Worldview.

Hall's Living Library is a lending library of living books for families run by Biblioguides member Sandy Hall in Dallas, Georgia.

Kirkus Reviews has been reviewing books since its inception in 1933. "Everything that Kirkus Reviews stands for—integrity, honesty and accessible reviews written with an insider’s eye—started with Virginia Kirkus. She was a persuasive, hard-charging businesswoman, a visionary who saw a need in publishing that no one before her had adequately addressed."

Plugged In is a Focus on the Family publication that reviews books as well as other media. Their book reviews include a plot summary and discussion topics as well as information about Christian and other belief systems, authority roles, profanity, violence, and sexual content.

Sara Masarik and Diane Pendergraft host the Plumfield Moms podcast and write book reviews on their website, Plumfield and Paideia, where they work to help homeschool moms embrace their vocations of marriage, motherhood, reading, and homeschooling with confidence and joy. Plumfield Moms is also a Biblioguides Partner Guide so members can easily search all of their excellent book recommendations.

"When we review books, we rate them on literary excellence and their compatibility with a biblical worldview. We also offer practical resources and thought-provoking reflections to help you choose books and read with discernment."

Nancy Kelly of Sage Parnassus is a wife, mother, Christian, and passionate practitioner of the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education and life. She primarily offers mentoring for those looking to implement the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education in their homes but she also occasionally reviews excellent living books.

Semicolon is the book review blog of Sherry Early, author of Picture Book Preschool. Sherry is a prolific reader of children's books and runs a private lending library in her home in Texas.