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Here are bears—real bears—Grizzly bears, Polar bears, brown bears, black bears. Each family of bears has an interesting story of its own, each story is true to life and has been checked for accuracy. Mrs. Goudey's animal stories have made a place for themselves with children.

The pictures are both factual and charming, showing each family of bears in its own setting. Garry MacKenzie, who lived nineteen years in California, says the book "is as near to Yosemite Park as I shall ever now be able to get."

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Alice E. Goudey

Alice E. Goudey

(Pronounced GOW dee)
1898 - 1982
Alice Goudey: A Listener of Nature Alice Goudey could have had a lonely and boring childhood as the last of five children and without any young playm... See more
Garry MacKenzie

Garry MacKenzie

1921 -
Garry MacKenzie, who has illustrated all of the "Here Come" books with accuracy and a great deal of charm, was born in Canada and grew up in England... See more

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Here Come the Bears Reprint

Here Come the Bears
Reprinted in 2021 by Purple House Press
Available formats: Paperback
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Plumfield and Paideia

Here Come The Bears
Reviewed by Sara Masarik
This sweet and delightful story is written so that a young child might understand and enjoy it, but it is written so well and so creatively that this old mama and her tween children were captivated by it. Scientifically accurate, charmingly told, and delightfully illustrated, we meet a Grizzly Bear family, a Polar Bear family, an Alaskan Brown Bear family, and finally a Black Bear family. Read our full review to learn about each of those families and see samples of the updated illustration.

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