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This is a story of the adventures of an old Teddy bear that was thrown out into the world and had many trials before he found a new home again. Little Old Bear is a touching and beautifully illustrated book geared to children aged five and over.

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Hilda Van Stockum

Hilda Van Stockum

1908 - 2006
Dutch American
A Dutch childhood, adventurous travel around the world with her naval officer father, art school in Dublin and Amsterdam, and finally, adulthood split... See more

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Plumfield Moms Podcast

Meet Hilda van Stockum's Son: John Tepper Marlin
Released in 2022 by Plumfield Moms Podcast
Available formats: Streaming Audio
Length: 42 min.
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Plumfield and Paideia

Little Old Bear
Reviewed by Diane Pendergraft
“Once upon a time there was a little old Teddy bear. He was so old that he had lost his fur and his eyes and he was not the handsome little bear he had once been. “The children he had played with had grown up and gone away, and so he lay in a dusty corner of the attic and made friends with the mice.”

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Kirkus Reviews

Little Old Bear
The discarded toy story is an old standby, but this one has a new twist. The small listener will follow the adventures of...

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