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A supposedly extinct animal who looks like a mountain in motion can be an alarming kind of friend, but Huck, the Indian boy, and his friends, Joan and Joey Brown, found that George, the shy stegosaurus, could also be very helpful.

Huck lived on an Oregon reservation with old Opalo, the former medicine man. Isolated and lonely, he was an unhappy boy until a banana and a resort vacation brought the four friends together. From that day on Huck had no time to worry about being less modern than other Indians. Picnics, fishing, and Indian wrestling (which they always let George win) kept Huck, the Browns, and George busy.

Then the party-loving shy stegosaurus with his pea-sized brain decided to look in on the Huckleberry Festival. His three pals, not sure that the reservation gathering would be happy to see their large friend, hid him under a tent—and then the fun began!

Another adventure of the delightful George and his friends, the Browns, who made their debut in The Shy Stegosaurus Of Cricket Creek.

From the dust jacket
Evelyn Sibley Lampman

Evelyn Sibley Lampman

1907 - 1980
As her own daughters went through their teens, Evelyn Sibley Lampman sympathized, suffered, and rejoiced in turn. Her firsthand knowledge of young p... See more
Paul Galdone

Paul Galdone

1907 - 1986
Paul Galdone has illustrated a variety of books for both young people and adults, and is also a portrait and landscape painter. Born in Budapest, Hu... See more

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The Shy Stegosaurus of Indian Springs Reprint

The Shy Stegosaurus of Indian Springs
Reprinted in 2024 by Purple House Press
Available formats: Hardcover, Paperback
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Plumfield Moms Podcast

Author Feature: Evelyn Sibley Lampman
Released in 2022 by Plumfield Moms Podcast
Available formats: Streaming Audio
Length: 43 min.
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Join the Plumfield Moms and guests Jill Morgan (Purple House Press) and Tanya Arnold (Biblioguides) as they discuss the author Evelyn Sibley Lampman.


Plumfield and Paideia

The Shy Stegosaurus of Indian Springs
Reviewed by Diane Pendergraft
“‘You see, everything changes, the world and everything in it. Everything but me. Goodby, little friends.’ They stood openmouthed, but no words came to them. There was so much they wanted to say. They wanted to persuade him to remain, to explain how much he had done for them, and to assure him that the […]

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