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Children's Books about Gardening

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The first day of spring reminds us that new life is peeking through the ground and exploding all around us. Many of us are planting seeds that will soon sprout and produce flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees. Here are some of our favorite books about gardening to start your spring off beautifully!

A Seed Is Sleepy
A Tree for Peter
And So My Garden Grows
And Then It's Spring
The Clover and the Bee: A Book of Pollination
The First Tulips in Holland
Grandmother Lucy in Her Garden
Grow: A Family Guide to Plants and How to Grow Them
How My Garden Grew
How to Say Hello to a Worm: A First Guide to Outside
In My Garden
In the Garden
In Yards and Gardens
Jack's Garden
Karl, Get Out of the Garden! Carolus Linnaeus and the Naming of Everything
Lily's Victory Garden
Linnea's Windowsill Garden
The Magic Garden: Take a Journey Through the Magical World of Nature
My Nana's Garden
Plant the Tiny Seed
The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden of George Washington Carver
Secrets of the Garden: Food Chains and the Food Web in Our Backyard
Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt
We Are the Gardeners
What Does Bunny See?: A Book of Colors and Flowers
When the Root Children Wake Up

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Children's Books about Gardening


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