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Private Lending Libraries

These private lending libraries are run by passionate women who love books and want to share their book collections with others in their community. These libraries often carry books that are not found in public libraries. Some libraries will have a fee to join or other requirements for lending. We encourage you to find out if you have a private lending library in your area!

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Fire-Berry Books Classical Children's Library
Calgary, AB

Contact: Rachel Siebert, fireberrybooks@gmail.com

Fire-Berry Books is a carefully curated 'living library' of classic children's books. Our books are chosen to cultivate children's imaginations, to enchant their hearts with fabulous details and glorious intricacy, and to show them that our God-given lives and this glorious world in which we are privileged to live ought to inspire wonder, awe and respect. We welcome new members - please email to inquire.

Kids Christian Library
Calgary, AB

Contact: Marie Vautour, mariekepoot@yahoo.ca

Free Christian library for kids open every Thursday from 10-5 with over 1000 books for kids of all ages up to 16 years old!

Nova Scotia

Birchwood House Library
Yarmouth, NS

Contact: Bobbiann Markle, blmarkle@icloud.com

We specialize in living books for children and youth and are always happy to lend to local homeschoolers. Please email to make an appointment or for more information.


HEART Community Library
Komoka, ON

Contact: Rebekah Hicks, rebekah.a.hicks@gmail.com

Open by appointment. Email or text 226-980-8814

Briar Rose Living Library
Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Contact: Helen Mackay, BriarRoseLibrary@gmail.com

The Mackay family wishes to make accessible living books to children and families, to re-awake imagination and old books. We hope to provide a space that parents feel their children are safe to wander and explore books that are good and beautiful. We bring books in that we believe are appropriate and respectful for the minds and hearts of children. We believe young readers have a right to live out childhood unburdened with worries of the modern world until their parents feel they wish to expose them. We are just at the beginning of displaying / opening our library to patrons. Be patient with us :)


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