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Hillside Education

Hillside Education

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We publish reprints of historical fiction as well as language arts books, and other resources of interest to homeschooling families.

On this website you will find descriptions of all the books we publish as well as digital study guides and e-books for sale.

Please visit our store front at Bookshop.org to purchase physical copies of the books. Thank you for your continued support of our efforts to provide beautiful and uplifting publications for Catholic homeschooling families.

A Triumph for Flavius
Adventurous Lady: Margaret Brent of Maryland
Black Fox of Lorne
Black Robe Peacemaker: Pierre de Smet
Chaplain in Gray: Abram Ryan
Charles Carroll and the American Revolution
Chaucer's Stories Simply Told
Children of the Red King
Chuiraquimba and the Black Robes
City of the Golden House
Colonial Governor: Thomas Dongan
Cross Among the Tomahawks
De Tonti of the Iron Hand and the Exploration of the Mississippi
Don Diego de Vargas: The Peaceful Conquistador
Egyptian Adventures
Escape to King Alfred
Fingal's Quest
The Friar and the Knight: Bartolome de Olmeda and Cortez
The Gauntlet
General Phil Sheridan and the Union Cavalry
God and the General's Daughter: The Story of Fanny Allen
John Hughes: Eagle of the Church
The King's Men: A Story of St. Olaf of Norway
The King's Thane
The Lances of Lynwood
The Lion in the Gateway: The Heroic Battles of the Greeks and Persians at Marathon, Salamis, and Thermopylae
The Little Book of the War
Marathon Looks on the Sea
Margaret Haughery: Bread Woman of New Orleans
Mathew Carey: Pamphleteer for Freedom
Men of Athens
Nicholas and the Wool-Pack
Padre Kino and the Trail to the Pacific
Padre Pro: Mexican Hero
People in Palestine
Pierre Toussaint: A Citizen of Old New York
Priest on Horseback: Father Farmer, 1720-1786
Prince of the Double Axe
Queen Without Crown
The Queen's Blessing
Rocks, Rivers, and The Changing Earth: A First Book About Geology
Roman People
Ship's Boy with Magellan
Simon Brute and The Western Adventure
Sword of Clontarf
Tales of the Crusades
The Thrall of Leif the Lucky: A Story of Viking Days
To Kill a King
Twelve Bright Trumpets
The Two Trumpeters of Vienna
Word to Caesar