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Newly Republished

These previously out of print books have been newly republished by small publishers we love. One of our goals is to support these small publishers who are doing such great work making true, good, and beautiful books accessible to more people.

Don Quixote
The Age of Fable
The Dove in the Eagle's Nest
The Wonderful Winter
Sabre Jet Ace
Theras and His Town
The John Bull: A British Locomotive Comes to America
The Shy Stegosaurus of Indian Springs
The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek
The Men Who Found America
Treasure Island
The Arabian Nights Entertainment
Lorna Doone
The Daisy Chain
Marathon Looks on the Sea
The Bark of the Bog Owl
Nicholas and the Wool-Pack
Lives of the Hunted
The Land of Little Rain
Hi, Pizza Man!
A History of Germany
My Book of Stories from the Poets
The Story of the World's Literature
Saints and Heroes Vol 2
Saints and Heroes: One
The Story of My Life
Microbe Hunters
Chaucer for Children: A Golden Key
The Birds' Christmas Carol
Saturday Cousins
The Romance of a Christmas Card
Seth of Colorado
Benjamin of Ohio
Philip of Texas
Hannah of Kentucky
The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
A Christmas Carol
Horses of Destiny
Stephen of Philadelphia
Richard of Jamestown
Peter of New Amsterdam
Mary of Plymouth
Martha of California
Dogs of Destiny
Calvert of Maryland
Antoine of Oregon
Ruth of Boston
Winslow Homer
Black Beauty
Heroes Every Child Should Know
The Legends of Charlemagne
The Age of Fable
The Age of Chivalry
The Discovery of New Worlds
The World at War
The Struggle for Sea Power
The Growth of the British Empire
The Awakening of Europe
On the Shores of the Great Sea
Stories from the Faerie Queene
Stories from Chaucer
Tanglewood Tales
The Heroes
Stories of Siegfried
In the Days of William the Conqueror
In the Days of Queen Elizabeth
Stories from Wagner
In the Days of Queen Victoria
Stories from Ballads
Stories from Dante
Stories from the Arabian Nights
Stories from the Life of Christ
In the Days of Alfred the Great
My Father's Dragon
The Christmas Rocket
The Lion in the Box
Boy of the Pyramids
Urchin and the Rage Tide
A Little Princess
Rural Hours
Oliver Twist
A Tale of Two Cities
Little Red Riding Hood: 40th Anniversary Edition
The Railway Children
Four Great Americans
Egyptian Adventures
A Little Brother to the Bear
Old Testament Stories
Stories from Gulliver's Travels
Stories of Robin Hood
Roman People
The Lost Dragon of Wessex
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Greyfriars Bobby
Exploits of Xenophon
Urchin and the Raven War
This Country of Ours: The Story of the United States Volume 2: H. E. Marshall's
A Friend for Rachel
This Dear-Bought Land
Keeper of the Bees
Mr. Emerson's Cook
Chaucer for Children: A Golden Key
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The Book of Missionary Heroes
The Chemical History of a Candle
The First Book of Water
The First Book of Birds
The Life of Christopher Columbus
A Triumph for Flavius
Katya's Book of Mushrooms
Toward Morning: A Story of the Hungarian Freedom Fighters
On the Edge of the Fjord
The Night Watch: Adventure with Rembrandt
Twelve Years a Slave AND Harriet, The Moses of Her People
Twelve Years a Slave
The Talking Wire
The First Book of Bugs
The First Book of Bees
Mary Emma & Company
The Home Ranch
Medical Corps Heroes of World War II

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